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16th December 2022
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This Knowledge Base Article describes using the Drilling Length Dashboard in BlastIQ™ Insights.


BlastIQ™ Insights enables users to visualise the drilling length compliance of holes within a blast plan via the Drilling Length Dashboard.


Dashboard Multiple Blast Dashboard Map Navigation

Note: The old Single Blast Drilling Length Dashboard can be found under "Length (classic)".

To navigate to the Drilling>Length dashboard:

  1. From the BlastIQ™ Insights toolbar, select Dashboards.
  2. From the Dashboards menu, select Drilling > Length.


  3. Select the desired blast from the drop-down list. Type in to narrow down the list.





  1. Right-click on a blast in Site Map.
  2. Select Drilling>Length.


General Section Details

The following information is shown on the Drilling Length Dashboard:

  1. Number of holes.
  2. Colour legend.
  3. Comparison options.
  4. Summary.
  5. Plots.
  6. Coloured heatmap.
  7. Hole (hover over) information.
  8. Secondary indicator.
  9. Hole details panel.DS1.png



Detailed information on each section:

  1. Number of holes
    • Total number of holes.
  2. Colour legend
    • Underdrilled
    • Within Tolerance
    • Overdrilled
  3. Comparison options
    • Selections are:
      • Drill Actual Length
      • First Measured Length
      • Measured Length
      • Length After Backfill
    • Click the drop-down menu, hover over any comparison options, and the corresponding definition will be displayed.
  4. Summary
    • Compliance Score
    • Metrics and values
      • The metrics, including Length Over Design, Length Under Design, and Net Length Deviation, as well as their respective values, will vary based on the selected comparison option. Please see the example below
        • First Measured LengthFirstMeasureLength.png
        • Measured LengthMeasured
  5. Plots
    • X-axis (Drill Length Deviation) and Y-axis (Count of Holes)
    • Tools
      • Download
      • Zoom
      • Pan
      • Box Select
      • Lasso Select
      • Zoom in / Zoom out
      • Autoscale
      • Reset
  6. Coloured heatmap
    • Dependent on the comparison option selected.
  7. Hole (hover over information)
    • On mouse over, it displays specific information per hole.
  8. Secondary indicator.
    • Clicking the eye icon opens the display menu.
    • For comprehensive details, please navigate to the Setting section.
  9. Hole details panel
    • Displays decks and measurements.
    • For comprehensive details, please navigate to the View section.
Hole Details Table View
  1. Click on a hole on the map.


  2. The hole details panel opens.


    • Clicking the Hole Details icon without clicking a hole by default it does not show any data.
    • The panel consists of four tabs: Details, Decks, Measurements and Drill Data.
      • Details
        • By default, the "Details" will be visible, presenting users with design, drill, and measured data.
      • Decks
        • Decks and relevant properties are grouped by design, adjusted and actual.
        • Deck is displayed by lower number from the bottom to the top (higher number).
      • Measurements
        • Provides a concise overview of recorded data including information such as the time occurrence, associated deck, property details, recorded values, user identity, and the equipment or device used.
        • Measurements are order by timestamp.
        • Sorting is implemented by clicking on the column headers.
      • Drill Data 
        • Provides a concise summary of drilling-related information.  Users will find details such as the average penetration rate, start time, end time, drill name, operator, and timestamps for both when the event occurred and when it was received. 
    • The hole details panel closes when the user clicks the 'x' button only.


    • Once the panel is closed and you want to open the panel again, click the Hole Details icon located at the bottom left-hand corner.


Secondary Indicator Hole Names
  1. Click on the View options in the bottom left corner.
  2. Select from Comments, Wet or None.
  3. A secondary indicator is shown on the map.

Note: Available for single and multiple blasts.


  • Comparison Options:
    • Drill Actual Length - Provides a view of the latest known drilled hole length. If present, drill Actual Hole Length vs Design Length or Drill Adjusted Design Length.
    • First Measured Length - Provides a view of the first measured hole length. First Measured Length vs Design Length or Drill Adjusted Design Length, if present. Read more about BlastIQ™ First Length.
    • Measured Length - Provides a view of the latest known measured hole length. Measured Length vs Design Length or Drill Adjusted Design Length, if present.
    • Length After Backfill - Provides a view of the achieved hole length across the blast after the backfill process is completed. Measured Length or Backfill deck horizon where present vs Design Length or Drill Adjusted Design Length, if present.
  •  Tolerances:
    • For any of the comparisons, the tolerance considered will be the hole type's overdrill and underdrill tolerances set in SHOTPlus™; if any of the hole types do not set either of these tolerances, then the Site's Reporting Tolerances are used to classify a hole as within, over or under tolerance.
  • Compliance Score:
    • For any of the comparisons, the compliance score (%) is calculated as follows:
      Compliance Score (%) = 100*W/M
      W = count of holes within tolerance
      M = count of measured holes.


  • All percentage values are truncated to 1 decimal place.
  • All other values are rounded to 1 decimal place.
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