BlastIQ™ Insights - Blast Plan View

Most of the Dashboards in BlastIQ Insights have a blast plan view to provide users with an spatial quick way to identify patterns and discrepancies within the blast. 

Specifically, these maps are Choropleth Mapthat use Voronoi Tessellations to determine each hole’s area of influence. Or more simply, these maps show the value of each hole by colouring it surrounding region. 

Some frequently asked questions: 

  • What orientation is the map? 

The map’s default orientation in plan view, with Y (usually Northing) to the top and X (usually Easting) to the right. Same local coordinates used in SHOTPlus.

  • What do the colours mean? 

Map colours usually indicate degree of difference from some intended values. See the legend on each dashboard or the Knowledge Based Article about the specific dashboard for further details about one particular map.

  • How are lines between holes calculated? 

The map separates the blast into Voronoi cells (link) surrounding each hole. The area in each cell is closest to its hole than any other hole. The lines mark the middle of the distance between neighbouring holes. 


  • How are the holes located? 

Holes are placed on the map via their collar location in local coordinates. Same local coordinates used in SHOTPlus.

  • What is this other offset icon in the hole?

If available, the blast plan view will display the actual drilled collar location on certain dashboards.  



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