BlastIQ™ Insights - Drilling by Hole


Release Date:
9th April 2024
KBA Summary:
This Knowledge Base Article describes the functionality of the Drilling by Hole dashboard in BlastIQ™ Insights.


BlastIQ™ Insights Drilling by Hole dashboard helps Drill and Blast supervisors visualise and assess drilling data.  The dashboard displays colour-coded holes to quickly identify which drill rig (equipment) was used during drilling for each hole, determine the diameter with which holes were drilled, evaluate the average penetration rates, and determine what dates holes were drilled.


Single Blast Dashboard Map Navigation

To navigate to the  Drilling by Hole Dashboard:

  1. From the BlastIQ™ Insights toolbar, select Dashboards.
  2. From the Dashboards menu, under Drilling, select Drilling by Hole.


Via Site Map

  1. Select a single blast by clicking a blast on the map
  2. Right-click and navigate to the "Drilling."
  3. Select "Drilling by Hole."


General Section Details

The following information is shown on the Drilling by Hole Dashboard:


  1. Blast Name Selector.
  2. Total Number of Holes.
  3. Legend.
  4. Back to Site Map.
  5.  View.
    • Map View
    • Table View
  6. Mode.
    • Equipment
    • Average Penetration Rate
    • Diameter
    • Best Available Diameter
    • Date
  7. Hole Details Panel.
  8. Measurements.
  9. Layers.
  10. Display.
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