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26th October 2023
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This Knowledge Base Article describes the functionality of the KPIs Dashboard in BlastIQ™ Insights.

BlastIQ™ Insights KPIs Dashboard allows users to visualise the performance of their various KPIs over a specific period of time, encompassing a group of blasts.


KPIs Configuration and Management

Follow the steps below:

  1. In the Admin portal, click the "KPI Configuration" menu.
  2. Click "Add" to create a new KPI.Management12.png
  3. Complete all the required fields with the necessary details.
  4. Click "Save" when done.Management34.png
  5. Login to BlastIQ™ Insights and click the "Blast Management" menu.
  6. Choose a specific blast and navigate to the "KPIs" tab.Management56.png
  7. Click "Edit" and input the desired values for the KPIs.Management7.png
  8. Save your changes.Management8.png
  9. Click the "Dashboards" menu and select "KPIs." Management9.png
More information on How to Configure and Enter Blast KPIs can be found below:
How to Configure and Enter Blast KPIs

To navigate to the KPIs Dashboard:

  1. From the BlastIQ™ Insights toolbar, select Dashboards.
  2. From the Dashboards menu, select KPIs.Navigation1and2.png




Blasts can be filtered using the following filters:

  1. Blast Name Search Filter:
    • Type in the search box.
    • Blasts shown are the ones containing the typed-in characters.
  2. Blast Status Filter:
    • Select All, Fired or Not Fired.
  3. Date Range filter:
    • Select Created or Fired Date.
    • From and To fields are not mandatory.
    • If the date range filter is not used, the blasts shown are the latest created/fired for the site.
    • Maximum number of blasts shown is based on the Display Filter.
  4. Elevation filter:
    • Choose a minimum and a maximum elevation.
    • Select Collar or Grade.
    • If an elevation filter is not used, the blasts show an elevation range.
    • Maximum number of blasts shown is based on the Display Filter.
  5. Tags filter:
    • Click on the Tags icon.
    • Select the desired tags from each category.
    • Click Apply to apply the filter criteria.
    • It will return the blasts containing the selected tags based on the following logic:
      • OR for tags within the same category.
      • AND for tags across categories.
    • Click on Clear and then Apply to clear all tags filters.
    • Click on the X on the top right to close the tags filter; any edits to the filter criteria will be lost if not previously applied.
      Read more about Tags here.
  6. Clear All filters - clears any filters that have been applied.
  7. Display selection:
    • Choose 20, 30, 60, or 90 and Newest or Oldest blasts from the dropdown list.
    • This dictates the limit of blasts shown from other filter criteria and whether these blasts are picked from oldest first or newest first.
General Section details

The following information is shown on the KPIs Dashboard:


  1. Filter bar.
  2. KPI selector.
  3. Table view
  4. Summary.
  5. Map.
  6. Percentages.
  7. Summary statistics.
  8. Gradient.
  9. Bar chart.


Other Tools
Display Layers
  1. Click the Display Settings.
  2. Select Blast Name On/Off.
  3. Select Site Centre On/Off.Display Menu.png
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