Reporting Tolerances

Single Blast QA/QC Dashboards use tolerances to evaluate if a hole is within or exceeding the respective tolerance.

Site Administrators have the ability to set up the desired Reporting Tolerances for their sites using the Admin Portal for the following metrics:

  • Over Drill – length (m)
  • Under Drill – length (m)
  • Collar Position XY – (m)
  • Deck Loading Horizon – (m)
  • Deck Loading Weight – (kg)
  • Deck Loading Weight – (%)

Note: For the Drilling Length and XY Position dashboards in BlastIQ™ Insights, in the cases where a Hole Type tolerances is not specified in SHOTPlus™ and sent to BlastIQ™, these dashboards will use the site's Reporting Tolerances specified in the Admin Portal.

How to Configure Reporting Tolerances



Default Values

A newly created site will be set with this default configuration:


Note: Like all the other screens in the Admin Portal, Reporting Tolerances will only support metric units for entry. Users will have to convert imperial to metric values before entering them for sites that use imperial as the system of measurement.


Field Device Deck Weight Alert

Users can select % or absolute value (kg) for Deck Weight Tolerance to trigger the overloading alert in the BlastIQ field devices.



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