BlastIQ™ Insights - Final Stemming Length


Release Date:
7th February 2023
KBA Summary:
This Knowledge Base Article describes the functionality of the Final Stemming Length dashboard in BlastIQ™ Insights.


BlastIQ™ Insights enables users to visualise the final stemming length compliance of holes before and after holes within a blast plan have been stemmed via the Final Stemming Length Dashboard.


Single Blast Dashboard Map Navigation

To navigate to the Final Stemming Length dashboard:

  1. From the BlastIQ™ Insights toolbar, select Dashboards.
  2. From the Dashboards menu, select Loading > Final Stemming Length.


Via Site Map

    1. Select a single blast by clicking a blast on the map.
    2. Right-click and navigate to the "Loading."
    3. Select "Final Stemming Length."


General Hole Details

The following information is shown on the Final Stemming Length Dashboard:


  1. Blast Name Selector.
  2. Total Number of Holes.
  3. Colour Legend.
  4. Back to Site Map.
  5. Actual Selector.
    • Stemmed
    • Available
  6. Design Selector.
    • Adjusted Design
    • Design
  7. View Selector.
    • Map View
    • Table View
  8. Summary and Plots.
  9. Hole Details Panel.
  10. Measurements.
  11. Layers.
  12. Display.



  • Comparison Options:
    Enable users to compare and evaluate the selected actual against the chosen design.
    • Select an Actual: 
      • Stemmed - Considers the final stemming length only of holes that have been stemmed.
      • Available - Considers the length remaining to be stemmed of holes that have actual loading and have not been stemmed.
    • Select a Design:
      • Adjusted Design - Latest loading instruction or design adjusted based on actual hole conditions.
      • Design - Original design, before adjusted by actual hole conditions.
  •  Tolerances:
    • The tolerance considered in this dashboard is the site-level deck horizon/top stemming length reporting tolerance. Read more here.
  • Compliance Score:
    • For any of the comparisons, the compliance score (%) is calculated as follows:
      Compliance Score (%) = 100*W/M
      W = within tolerance holes
      M = overstemmed holes + understemmed holes + within tolerance holes


  • All percentage values are truncated to 1 decimal place.
  • All other values are rounded to 1 decimal place.
Edge Case Scenarios
No design stemming deck Intermediate air deck

The following scenario will result in no evaluation for any comparison mode as the logic won't detect a design or final stemming length, the hole will show some 'available' values as it is loaded.


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