SHOTPlus™ Underground Print Functionality Improvements


SHOTPlus™ Variant:
>2.8.1 and above
KBA Summary:
Printing functionality in SHOTPlus™ Underground has been updated, allowing users to modify the print area for most tools.


SHOTPlus™ Underground has updated print functionality across the application, to standardise the user experience across the SHOTPlus™ suite. The functionality was initially introduced in SHOTPlus™ Surface v6.9.3. The legacy print functionality will be retired.

Tools Affected

The new print functions will be applied to the following tools in SHOTPlus™ Underground:

  • Plan overview;
  • Analytics view;
  • 2D layout view; 
  • Print Rings;
  • File > Print > Plan or from the "Print Plan" icon.

Updated Functionalities

1. The ‘Pick print method’ dialog box will no longer appear (See Figure 1).


Figure 1. The ‘Pick print method’ dialogue box.


2. The new print tool will now allow users to modify the printable area which is denoted by the print area frame shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Example of the print area frame.

3. Print customisations are available which are shown in the video walkthrough shown in Figure 3 (set in SHOTPlus™ Surface version 6.19.6). This includes the following:

  • Print to PDF;

  • Landscape and portrait orientation;

  • Page scaling options;

  • Adding/removing of logos and north point;

  • Font size adjust; and

  • Title box customisations.

Figure 3. Video walkthrough of the new print functionalities.


In conclusion, the SHOTPlus™ suite's new print capability first released in SHOTPlus™ Surface version 6.9.3 streamlines printing across the application. SHOTPlus™ streamlines printing by combining most tools under the single print functionality and retiring the old system, resulting in a more efficient, customisable, and user-friendly experience.


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