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This Knowledge Base Article explains how to use the 2D Layout View in SHOTPlus™ Underground. The 2D layout view is accessed from the View dropdown menu. This tool is intended for easy viewing of hole attributes & completing the EBS Lead-in and tie-in process.


The 2D Layout View is used to display blastholes in a simplified 2D view to simplify the process of interrogating hole attributes and completing the connection of Electronic Blasting System (EBS) harness wire to blastholes in a ring.


 To enable 2D Layout View:

  1. Select View2D Layout View from the main toolbar in SHOTPlus™ Underground.


Viewing Options

2D Layout View maintains selected viewing tools from the main scene explorer.

  1. Print - Print the current view displayed in 2D Layout View.
  2. Copy - Copy the current view displayed in 2D Layout View.
  3. Select - Enable the default selection tool.
  4. Zoom to Rectangle - Zoom the 2D Layout View to a selected rectangle.
  5. Zoom In.
  6. Zoom Out.
  7. Pan.
  8. Zoom All - Centre the currently displayed rings in 2D Layout View.
  9. Undo Zoom - Undo the last zoom action.
  10. Cycle Cardinal Views - Cycle 2D Layout View through the four cardinal directions.
  11. North View Tool - Rotate 2D Layout View around north.
  12. Legend Configuration - Adjust the size and position of the hole legends.


2D Layout View enables users to:

  1. Filter visible holes based on what rings are visible on the main scene explorer, or what rings are selected on the main scene explorer.
  2. Order the holes within a Ring by either Vertical Dip, Horizontal Dip, or Hole ID.
  3. View either no legend, just the Hole ID or the complete Hole Legend.
  4. Hide or show Hole Tracks.


Hole Legend

Hole Legend settings are available on the right-hand side to enable users to show or hide attributes visible in the hole legend.



Holes are grouped in 2D Layout View based on their ring grouping. Holes within the same ring are grouped with all holes side-by-side.

The spacing between holes within a ring, and between rings IS NOT to scale. All holes are displayed in the same orientation with all holes and rings are spaced equally with the relative length of displayed hole tracks, proportionate to the different lengths of the holes.



2D Layout View enables users to complete basic timing tasks within the simplified display.

  1. Add EBS lead-in.
  2. Connect holes using harness wire.
  3. Set the EBS time for individual holes.
  4. Set the EBS time for individual decks.


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