How to import blast holes into SHOTPlus Underground

NOTE: SHOTPlus UG is not designed to support manual creation of rings. Holes can be imported using several methods and adjusted as required.

1. SHOTPlus Underground supports the import of data from 4 main file types.

  • .txt
  • .DXF
  • .Str – string file
  • .dtm – Digital terrain model – from Surpac or similar

Once a hole or ring design has been imported, SHOTPlus can be used to adjust the position of the hole (s) and edit loading details.

2. Several options related to the data import should be set up prior to the import of your hole data. These settings will be used to orientate the direction of the blast holes in relation to the grid reference within SHOTPlus Underground.

The settings can be found under. Edit – Edit blast properties – Underground settings.



Underground settings.

Hole Angle.


Z – direction Elevation.



Import text files.

Open the text file in note pad or another text editor to check the type of delimiter used to separate each segment of data. 

Open SHOTPlus.  File – Import – Text files.

  1. Select the correct text file
  2. Select correct delmiter
  3. Remove any header text
  4. Drag the label from the left to the matching colum of data




DXF import (AutoCAD).

Open SHOTPlus. File – Import – .DXF files

  1. Select the correct dxf file.
  2. Increase the distance between points to reduce the size of the point cloud if performance issues associated with large datasets.
  3. Group points on layers
  4. Scale data- Use this option if a scale factor is used by the site. Typlically set at 1 or 1000 = 1 meter.



The .dxf data will present as a series of polylines listed in various layers based on the structure of the raw .dxf data.The strings will need to be edited to represent blast holes and other entities.


Surpac .STR  import.

Open SHOTPlus. File – import – Surpac .str files.

Select the desired .str file

All blast hole data will import the strings as onto the Blast Holes layer. 



Edit the hole properties such as diameter and define a loading plan.



Hole loading design.




Holes are imported as Blast Holes. These holes can now be edited such as grouping as rings etc.   




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