How to define blast holes in SHOTPlus Underground


After importing an .STR file containing blast hole data into SHOTPlus UG the holes can be assigned to rings have Id’s and loading information allocated.

Adding holes to a ring.

The blasthole layout view may need to be rotated to enable the group of holes you are going to define as a ring to be selected for editing.




Once a group of holes has been isolated they can be selected by circling with the select tool enabled.
Tools - Holes - Make ring from selected.



Making the ring from the selected holes will add Ring number 1 to the ring manager.
Repeat this process for all blast holes & rings.


The ring numbers and hole IDs will be shown in the hole table. The ring can be edited by right clicking on the desired ring and choosing an option.



Labelling blast holes

Go into the Ring Manager and select the ring you would like to begin labelling by double clicking on it. By ticking the Current Ring Only box at the bottom left, only this ring will be visible. Other rings are removed from view. The ring may need to be rotated to enable the group of holes you are going to label.



The Legend configuration tool (text size tool) can be used to enlarge or move the hole ID to make identifying each hole easier.
The location of the hole label can also be changed by toggling the Hole IDs at Collar tool.
Zoom out to ensure all holes within the ring have been labelled.
Repeat for remaining rings.




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