Plan and Section tools

SHOTPlus™ Variant:
2.4.6 and above
KBA Summary:
This Knowledge base article describes how to use the Plan and Section tools.

                                 Plan_Tool.png                                      Section_tool.png


How to use:

  • Find the elevation in SHOTPlus™ just above where you would like to look down. This is where the Plan is going to cut a horizontal slice. Use the orthographic views and the coordinates at the bottom left for this. 
  • Cycle back to the plan view of your objects 
  • Click on Plan tool 
  • Choose a name for the plan and enter the chosen elevation


  • Select the extents of your Plan by clicking and dragging on the blast


  • In the Ring Manager click on the Plan you just created to bring you into the view of the slice you just created. This is a similar window to Ring View but with less features.

  • Draw a reference line and note the bearing you draw it on. Use the section tool to draw a section perpendicular to the reference line.


  • Now you can click on the Section tool and draw sections in the direction you choose by left clicking one point then another.

    •  Hold the H key before selecting your 2nd point and the section will stay in the horizontal direction.

    • Hold the V key before selecting your 2nd point and the section will stay in the vertical direction.
  • The Sections are drawn on the plan you are in and show up under that plan in the Ring Manager.



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