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24th September 2019
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This Knowledge Base Article explains how over/underloading deck warning messages are generated in BlastIQ™ Mobile.


BlastIQ™ Mobile warns users when decks are overloaded or underloaded based on actual and design information, site settings, and tolerances.

Deck Warnings

Deck warnings are displayed when the difference (absolute or in percentage) between the actual and design deck weights exceeds the over-tolerance (in the case of a positive difference) or the under-tolerance (in the case of a negative difference).

Comparison mode

The comparison mode is defined in the Admin Portal. Read more here in the Field Deck Weight Alert section.


  1. Weight (absolute)
  2. Weight %


Tolerances are used base on their availability:

  1. Hole Type tolerances defined in SHOTPlus. Read more here.
  2. Reporting tolerances - where Hole Type tolerances are not present for any hole. Read more here.


Please note that when decks are added or deleted, or when changing a product that is not the designed product, the display of deck warnings may not be visible as expected. 


Deck warnings are displayed:

  1. When entering deck values or editing a deck.Overloaded1.png
  2. On the loading panel.
    • Diagram ViewDiagramView1.png
    • List ViewListView1.png
How to enable the deck warnings
  1. Tap the hamburger icon.
  2. Tap Preferences.Preferences.png
  3. Navigate to the Deck warnings section and tap the "Show" button.Preferences1.png
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