BlastIQ™ Mobile - Basic end user training

A learning resource that can be used to familiarise end users with the BlastIQ™ Mobile user interface and functionality.

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This basic course should be used by any end user that is using the BlastIQ™ Mobile software for the first time, or as a refresher for key functionality. It is not a substitute for training ordinarily delivered by Orica Digital Specialists.

Upon completion, users should possess a sound awareness of how the system works, key components and relevant help material.


Click here to launch the BlastIQ™ Mobile Basics course

Expected duration: 45 minutes.


The course is also available in Success Factors if Orica users would like to maintain the accreditation. Please search using the details searching below and self assign. 

GBL - BlastIQ™ Mobile Basics

Course ID: 10187

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