BlastIQ™ Mobile - Copy of Functionality

Note: This feature will not be available until after the April 2020 release.


When adding a hole on the map view of BlastIQ Mobile, users will have the option to copy parameters from existing design holes in the plan. This will copy information such as hole type, material type, elevation and diameter. This will allow loading rules to apply to these locally added holes.

1. Long press on the map view to add a hole.


2. Select the copy of field. 


3. Select the hole you want to copy parameters from. The Copy of field will be populated with your selection, and then the information for diameter, elevation, hole type and material type (if one is defined) will be populated. You will have the option to edit diameter and elevation if needed. Information for Hole number, Hole depth and Depth to water (if applicable) will still need to be entered.


4. The copy of functionality isn't a requirement when you are adding a hole. Users can still just add a hole number, depth and diameter to add a hole. Please note, that if you are using strata, strata intercepts are not copied from one hole to another, these will need to be defined in SHOTPlus for any holes added in the field. 


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