BlastIQ™ Insights - Powder Factor Dashboard


Release Date:
21st December 2022
KBA Summary:
This Knowledge Base Article describes using the Powder Factor dashboard in BlastIQ™ Insights.


BlastIQ™ Insights lets users visualise the design, adjusted design, and actual powder factor of multiple blasts on the Powder Factor Dashboard.


Single Blast Dashboard Multiple Blast Dashboard Map Navigation

To navigate to the Powder Factor dashboard:

  1. From the BlastIQ™ Insights toolbar, select Dashboards.
  2. From the Dashboards menu, select Loading > Powder Factor.


Via Site Map

    1. Select a single blast by clicking a blast on the map.
    2. Right-click and navigate to the "Loading."
    3. Select "Powder Factor".


General Section Details

The following information is shown on the Powder Factor Dashboard:


  1. Blast Name Selector.
  2. Total Number of Holes.
  3. Colour Legend.
  4. Back to Site Map.
  5. Comparison Options.
    • Design
    • Adjusted Design
    • Actual
  6. View.
    • Map View
    • Table View
  7. Summary.
  8. Hole Details Panel.
  9. Measurements.
  10. Layers.
  11. Display.
Mode Value Calculation1 Display Boundary
Design Design Powder Factor Design Explosive Weight / Design Volume Design
Adjusted Design Adjusted Design Powder Factor Adjusted Design Explosive Weight / Best Available Viable Volume Best Available Viable 2
Actual Actual Powder Factor Actual Explosive Weight / Best Available Viable Volume Best Available Viable 2



  1. At hole or blast level, respectively.
    Blast Powder Factor = ((sum of holes weight)/(sum of hole volume)).
  2. Filters out 'not drilled' and 'abandoned' holes.
  • All Explosive Weight values consider only Bulk and Packaged explosives.
  • More details about BlastIQ™ Volume Calculation here.


  • All percentage values are truncated to 1 decimal place.
  • All other values are rounded to 1 decimal place.
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