SHOTPlus™ - Edit Deck Measurements


SHOTPlus™ Variant:
6.8.1 and above
KBA Summary:
This KBA describes the use and functionality of the 'Edit Deck Measurements' tool.


The Edit Deck Measurements tool in SHOTPlus™ enables users to manually enter deck measurements within SHOTPlus™ and sync them with BlastIQ™.


    1. Edit Deck Measurements is only available to BlastIQ™ users. Blasts must have been uploaded and downloaded from BlastIQ™ prior to editing deck measurements via SHOTPlus™

The use of the Edit Deck Measurements tool can cause conflicts with data recorded in BlastIQ™. When using the Edit Deck Measurements tool, users should be aware of the following:

  1. Where data is synced to BlastIQ™ by both SHOTPlus™ (via the Edit Deck Measurements tool) and a BlastIQ™ field device for the same deck, in the same hole, near simultaneously, the last device to sync this information will overwrite any existing data from an earlier sync.
  2. Where the Edit Deck Measurements tool is used to edit data that was originally recorded by a BlastIQ™ field device, the original user name, device name, equipment name, date recorded, and time recorded will be overwritten with data based on the entry from SHOTPlus™. 
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To open the Edit Deck Measurements tool:

  1. From the main toolbar select BlastIQEdit deck measurements.


  1. Sign in to BlastIQ™ if prompted.


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