BlastIQ™ - Plan Level Notes


SHOTPlus™ Variant:
6.7.6 (Beta)
KBA Summary:
This KBA describes how SHOTPlus™ users can manage BlastIQ™ Plan Level Notes


The BlastIQ™ system enables users to record notes against plans. This Knowledge Base Article describes how users can manage these notes in SHOTPlus™.


This feature is for BlastIQ™ connected customers only and requires a BlastIQ™ sign in and an active internet connection.


To manage plan level notes from SHOTPlus™ the SHOTPlus™ file being worked on must be associated with a BlastIQ™ site and a blast plan present in the BlastIQ™ system and the user must be signed in to BlastIQ™. To ensure the SHOTPlus™ file is associated with a plan in the BlastIQ™ system, either:

  • Import a current plan from BlastIQ™; or
  • Export the SHOTPlus™ file to BlastIQ™ to create a blast in the system.

The following Knowledge Base Article covers BlastIQ™ imports and exports from SHOTPlus™ in detail.

Plan Level Notes
View Existing Create New Synchronise

To view existing Plan Level Notes:

  1. From the main toolbar select BlastIQBlastIQ™ blast management.


  1. Sign in to BlastIQ™ if prompted.
  2. Select the 'Notes' tab from the BlastIQ™ blast management dialog.


The Notes tab of the BlastIQ™ blast management dialog will synchronise with BlastIQ™ when opened and will show the following:

  1. The site and plan that the SHOTPlus file is associated with.
  2. A list of the existing plan level notes associated with the file.
  3. The full version of the selected plan level note.
  4. Details for the selected plan level note.


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