Updating values for a Blast Report and closing a blast in SHOTPlus™ version 6

The steps below outline the procedure to update values for a blast report in BlastIQ and how to close a blast. 


Step 1.

Import updated data for blast from BlastIQ™.




Step 2.

Select BlastIQ > BlastIQ blast properties 




Step 3.

Update Tag list. Work through the list and select the correct radio button for each option. 




Step 4.

For blast KPIs Click [Add] Select the KPI you want to track on blast, enter KPI value and click [OK].




Step 5.

Continue adding KPI values relevant to Blast. When finished click [Update BlastIQ].





Step 6.

Close Blast.

Once blast has been fired in the [Blast state] section click on the drop down and select data and time. Once entered click [Fire blast] - click [Update BlastIQ] - click [Close].



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