Importing data to SHOTPlus™ for printing redrill and backfill maps

The steps outlined below will describe how to import updated blast data from BlastIQ into SHOTPlus version 6 to be able to print redrill / backfill maps.


Step 1.

Import updated data for the selected blast from BlastIQ™. 






Step 2

To open the Analytics view, press [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[E] or [View] > [Analytics View] 


Step 3.

Select [Drilling] [Drilling Accuracy] 


Step 4.

Select [Underdrill/Overdrill] or [Redrill/Backfill] 


Step 5

[Designed vs Drilled] or [Design vs Dipped] 




Step 6.

Click [Print] 


Step 7.

Click [Titles]; Set as required. Click [Preview], Click [Print PDF] 



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