Importing Text File Data to SHOTPlus™ 

The steps below outline the procedure to import blast hole data in text format into SHOTPlus.

Step 1. 

[File]>[Import] > [Text file] 




Step 2. 

Parameters>File – Select the button with […] then select your file and click [Open]. 




Step 3. 

With the design button selected map ID to the hole ID column by double clicking [ID]. 

(This will map the correlating data on the line to this hole) 




Step 4. 

Select Measurements button then for each actuals column double click the correlating option until you have mapped all relevant columns. 




Step 5. 

Extract header line from file. [Header> [Extract lines] set this to the relevant value of lines to remove so that you only import data. 

When you have done this click the [Import] button. 




Step 5. 

At this point you will select the hole type so that the hole parameters will be applied.  

Click [OK] 



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