Updating an existing blast with IREDES Quality files


SHOTPlus™ Variant:
 Beta v6.17.3 and above
KBA Summary:
This KBA describes how SHOTPlusTM interprets IREDES Quality files to update an existing blast.


When using an IREDES Quality file to update existing holes, SHOTPlusTM reviews the hole status recorded in the file. The tool has been developed on based on the IREDES schema and applies the following logic when deciding when to update holes.

If Hole Status is:

  • "Undrilled", then do not update hole coordinates. 
  • "Success", "Fail" or "Others" then update hole coordinates.

Holes that are updated will be marked as drilled. When exporting holes to BlastIQTM the data will be treated as drill actuals.

Updating an existing blast

  1. Open the relevant SHOTPlusTM file with the blast you want to update.
  2. Navigate to File > Import  > IREDES Quality file update holes

  1. Select file to import and select settings that are appropriate for your site's IREDES configuration. 

  1. Click OK. You will be notified of how many holes have been updated. 
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