Importing .las Files & Assigning Strata Intercepts


To Import Hole profile files

Navagate to File > Import > Hole profile files (.las)


Select the folder that contains the .las files 

Info.gif Tip: The file name of the .las file needs to match the hole ID it corresponds to. Keep all .las files for the same blast in the same folder. All .las files need to be the same format


All files matching the hole ID of the blast being imported into will be displayed.


Click Import

1. Select the correct Delimiter character

2. Select the correct number of header lines to ignore

3. Assign the correct column header values


Click OK > all values will be imported. Holes with imported data are represented with a (y) next to the hole ID.


To view the imported data on a hole by hole basis

1. Edit a single blast hole either by double clicking on the hole collar or by selecting the hole collar, right clicking and selecting Edit.


2. Choose the Strata / Profile Tab

3. Click Hole profile logging


Info.gif Tip: To delete the hole profile logging data for a single hole click on the "Discard hole profile logging" 

Check the box of the required profile to view the data trace for that profile.


Info.gif Tip: Hover over an area of the trace to veiw the depth and data asscoiated with that point.

To assign strata intercepts

1. Choose the required first intercept value

2. Click Mark strata

3. Move the pointer to the required area and click to assign the intercept

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 to assign subsequent intercepts


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