Importing Strata Intercepts

To import Strata Intercepts;

Navigate to File > Import > Strata Intercepts


Info.gif Tip: The supported strata intercept import file type is .csv in the following format


Locate the required .csv file containing the strata intercept data

Ensure all required data columns have the correct header assigned


Click OK

A message confirming the number of records sucessfully imported will be displayed


Click OK 

You will then be prompted to choose if you want to automatically create and register the strata surfaces from the previously imported strata intercepts.


Selecting "No" will result in no further action and the previously imported strata intercepts will remain in isolation with no additional actions taken.

Selecting "Yes" will automatically create and and register the strata surfaces from the imported strata intercepts


Info.gif Tip: If multiple imports are completed such as when further intercept information becomes available as the drilling process progresses then selecting "Yes" will automatically merge existing surfaces with the new surfaces.




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