BlastIQ™ Mobile - Filtering within a plan


Release Date:
17th September 2020


BlastIQ™ Mobile filtering drill plan simplifies the process of identifying holes that require specific products are in a particular state(s) or have specific deck design.  This feature expedites the preparation of blast plans and accelerates decision-making during the crucial stages of priming and loading, ultimately increasing overall operational efficiency.FilterDrillPlan.png


To filter either the list view or map view, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the filter icon.Navigation1.png
  2. Select your desired filters (hole state, bulk decks, air decks, stemming decks).
  3. Click the "Apply" button.Navigation2and3.png
How to Utilise the Filtering Feature

What It Does: This feature empowers users to refine their searches with precision, considering hole states, bulk decks, designed air decks, and stemming decks.

How to Use It: In the filtering options, you'll find four distinct sections: "Hole States," "Bulk," "Air," and "Stemming." These sections enable you to tailor your search results according to specific criteria.

How It Works: 

    • Selections within a filter group are OR-ed together.

    • Filter groups are AND-ed together.
    • E.g.: (Partially Loaded OR Loading Completed) AND (2 bulk decks) AND (1 OR 2 air decks)
    • See further examples below.


  • If you select two hole statuses, such as 'Not drilled' and 'Stemmed,' both statuses will be visible.Example1.png
  • If you choose a hole state 'Stemmed' and select 1 bulk deck, 2 air decks, and 1 stemming deck, the search results will only return stemmed holes containing 1 bulk deck or, 2 air decks or 1 stemming deck.Example2.png
  • If you select multiple hole states, such as 'Redrill required' and 'Backfill required,' and choose 1 stemming deck, the search results will only return redrill required or backfill required holes that contain 1 stemming deck.Example3.png
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