Custom Toolbar in SHOTPlus

The following guide is to describe how to create a custom toolbar in SHOTPlus version 6.

You can view the video below, or there is a step by step instruction further down the page.


You may have set up custom toolbars in the previous version of SHOTPlus. These toolbars will not transfer to SHOTPlus version 6. You must create new toolbars in SHOTPlus version 6.

The main toolbar is actually made up of smaller toolbars. These smaller toolbars can be toggled on or off, depending on what you want to see. By default, all toolbars are toggled on, so they are all visible. To change which toolbars are visible, follow the following steps.

  • Right-click anywhere on the main toolbar. This will bring up the toolbar visibility window. By default, all smaller toolbars are selected. If a toolbar has a tick next to it, that means that toolbar is visible.


  • You can also toggle any of the toolbars on or off from the Customize menu option. From within the Customize toolbar menu option, you can also create your own customized toolbar to use in SHOTPlus. 
  • To create a customized toolbar, select New on the right side of the Customization window, and enter a name for your toolbar. When you select OK, you will see a new empty toolbar appear on your main toolbar on the left hand side.



  • To add shortcuts or commonly used menu commands to this toolbar, simply click and drag the selected command to your empty toolbar. You can add as many commands as you like. 



  •  After you have added all required commands to your toolbar, you can move your customized toolbar to where you would prefer. This could be anywhere on the main toolbar, or even on the side toolbars.



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