What is SHOTPlus Version 6

SHOTPlus version 6 is design to better support users of the BlastIQ System, as well as providing improved features to improve the way our users work. 

Some of the main points about this version of the software are listed below:

  • Files created and/or saved in version 6 and higher are not backwards compatible with version 5. Files created in version 5 can be opened in version 6 though.
  • Removal of the support for DIPPlus to facilitate the transition to the BlastIQ System and associated tools.
  • Improved fidelity in the data interface with the BlastIQ Platform.
  • New initiation rules to improve the workflow and allow holes to have the initiation design adjust to changes in deck length and decking structure within a blast hole.
  • Improved loading rules writing capabilities and functionality
  • Improved display of design, updated design and actual values against a blast hole. This feature creates the ability for an engineer to better compare these values through the drill and blast cycle for better visibility of what is being implemented in the field compared to the original design from drilling through to loading. 
  • Ability to display the history of all measurements and values associated with a blast hole through the connected BlastIQ system.
  • Ability to import deck loading data from an external system.
  • Ability to import drilling data through SHOTPlus and have this available in the wider BlastIQ System.
  • Improvements to the Hole Table to display more comprehensive information associated with the blast holes in a plan.
  • Improved volume calculation and display


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