SHOTPlus™ Blasthole Refactor

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Release Date:
23rd March 2023
Affected versions:
SHOTPlus™ Beta 6.14.1 and onwards
SHOTPlus™ Production 6.14.2 and onwards
KBA Summary:
This Knowledge Base Article describes the changes made to the blasthole data structure in SHOTPlus™.


SHOTPlus™ has recently undergone a refactor of it’s blasthole data structure. This work was undertaken to improve integration between SHOTPlus™ and BlastIQ™ and better align the information presented to users when comparing blast design information and blast outcomes within the BlastIQ™ ecosystem.

As a part of the refactor a number of changes have been made to clarify and standardise terminology used when importing and exporting data into and out of SHOTPlus™ via text file or from BlastIQ™

The following article aims to describe new properties available for blastholes, the new terminology, and the user interface modifications to support the changes.


Hole Properties
Design Drill Data Measurements Best Available Adjusted Design Length

Design Properties table

Property Description
Design Length The intended design length of a hole
Design Collar X The intended easting for a hole’s collar
Design Collar Y The intended northing for a hole’s collar
Design Collar Z The intended elevation for a hole’s collar
Design Toe X The intended easting for a hole’s toe
Design Toe Y The intended northing for a hole’s toe
Design Toe Z The intended elevation for a hole’s toe
Design Angle The intended collar angle of a hole
Design Bearing The intended collar bearing of a hole
Design Diameter The intended design diameter of a hole
Design Grade RL The intended z elevation of the design grade along a hole’s track
Grade Point 3D point where hole intersects design grade
Design Sub-drill Design sub-drill for a hole
Design Comment Design comment for a hole
Bench Height The intended elevation for a hole’s toe


  • The above table outlines the new terminology and description for "Design" hole properties.
  • The new properties may have existed in some form in previous versions however they were not stored in a manner for easy retrieval and display. 
  • These properties are allowed to be null, or empty, in certain circumstances.


Edit Hole re-design
General Design Drill Data Measurements Strata/Profile Loading

  1. The Hole State has also been moved here for immediate feedback on the hole status when first opening the Edit Hole dialog.
  2. The Properties has been cleaned up. Previously, other data such as water level, temperature, hole collar coordinates etc. were displayed here.
  3. Flags on the hole have been unchanged


Data Import/Export
Text Importer/Exporter Templates

Drill data

  1. A "Drill data" tab has been added to import allowable fields that are associated with the new "Drilled" properties.


  1. The "Measurements" tab has been updated
    • The following fields have either been removed, re-categorised or rationalised into new terminology:
      • Actual Length (now Measured Length)
      • Drilled Length (now in Drill data tab)
      • Actual Collar X/Y/Z (Actual terminology removed, Drilled Collar or Surveyed Collar fields now available)
      • Actual Toe X/Y/Z (Actual terminology removed, Drilled Toe fields now available)
      • Actual Angle/Bearing/Diameter (Actual terminology removed, Drilled terminology now used and available in Drill data tab)
    • These fields have been added
      • Surveyed Collar Coordinates (X/Y/Z)
      • Measured diameter


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