File Compatibility - SHOTPlus™ 5 Files


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This article details the compatibility of SHOTPlus™ 5 files within SHOTPlus™ 6

SHOTPlus™ 6 is not designed to work with SPF files that were originally created in SHOTPlus™ 5.

To prevent potential file corruption, related to compatibility issues, SHOTPlus™ 5 files opened in SHOTPlus™ 6 will be opened in 'read only' mode. Users will be able to view these files, but not edit or save.


To transfer data between SHOTPlus™ 5 and SHOTPlus™ 6, information should be exported as a text file or as a dxf file from SHOTPlus™ 5 and then imported into SHOTPlus™ 6.

Data or entities should not be transferred between SHOTPlus™ 5 and SHOTPlus™ 6 using copy and paste functionality.


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