BlastIQ™ Mobile - Display of Coal Strata and Support for Through Seam

Note: This feature requires SHOTPlus version 6.0.0 or higher.


Coal strata information can be uploaded to the BlastIQ system from SHOTPlus so that is available for display in BlastIQ Mobile. Please note, however, that strata loading rules cannot be sent up to the BlastIQ system.

Strata information is displayed on both the design and actual side of the diagram view of the charging panel in BlastIQ Mobile. 


For holes containing strata information only, when a hole is measured shorter than the length of the bottom variable deck within the hole, the design will truncate and be cut off at the measured depth to allow users to continue loading. 


Backfill and redrill tolerances can still be sent up to the system and apply in the field for strata holes.

If a hole is added on the device, the information will need to be taken back into SHOTPlus to have strata intercepts applied and a loading design applied.


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