BlastIQ™ Mobile - Insert a Deck on the Actual Side of the Charging Panel

A deck can be inserted on the actual side of BlastIQ Mobile within a deck. 

1. Select the menu next to the deck you wish to insert an extra deck within. Select the insert icon.


2. A keypad will be displayed to enter the product name, the top of deck and weight. The top of deck value displayed in the keypad is the top limit allowed for the deck. The value entered for the inserted deck must be deeper than the value displayed in the keypad. 

mceclip1.png mceclip2.png

3. If you are inserting a deck within a designed stemming deck, you will be displayed the following warning prior to the keypad being displayed.


4. If you have made a mistake and don't want to insert the deck, you can click the cross on the keypad and the deck won't be inserted. 


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