BlastIQ™ Mobile - Filter holes on the map and list views

In both the list view and the map view it is possible to filter holes by backfill and redrill status.

1. In either the map or list view, click on the Filter button. 

2. A filter window will be displayed. Select the filter you require (either backfill or redrill). Note that a count is provided next to the filter name indicates the number of holes in the pattern with this status.

3. Only the holes with the selected status will be displayed on the list view and the map view.

4. As you work through the holes and record the backfill load against the hole, the status flag will be removed and the hole will disappear from the list. Leaving you with only the holes that still require attention.
Once backfill has been recorded against all holes, the list will be empty. No search results found in BlastIQ Mobile

4. To clear the filter, select all holes in the filter window.


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