BlastIQ™ Mobile - Marking a hole as wet or dry

A step-by-step guide for marking a hole as wet or dry in BlastIQ™ Mobile


Each hole has a wet/dry indicator located next to the water depth input. With the introduction of loading rules and tolerances, we have automated the process of marking a hole as wet or dry. To use this feature, a Wet State Tolerance must first be set in SHOTPlus™.


1. Set tolerance(s) in SHOTPlus™

See Setting a Wet State Tolerance in SHOTPlus™ for information on how to do this.


2. Ensure that the Export Tolerances option is enabled when exporting your plan to BlastIQ (It’s enabled by default)



3. With the tolerance(s) set, any hole in the plan that exceeds the set amount of water will automatically be marked as wet in BlastIQ™ Mobile




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