BlastIQ™ Mobile - Map view

A step-by-step guide to using the map in BlastIQ™ Mobile

1. A map view of the blast plan from SHOTPlus™ is available under the map view tab on BlastIQ™ Mobile.


2. Each hole's icon represents its status. The status is determined by the state of the hole and/or tolerances set in SHOTPlus™legends.jpg

  • Drilling designed: Hole has a design length and diameter
  • Drilled - Hole has a recorded drill length greater than 0
  • Not drilled: Hole has a recorded actual length of 0
  • Measured - Hole has a recorded actual length greater than 0
  • Wet hole: A blue ring displayed around any existing state icon to indicate the hole is wet
  • Wet Sides: A half blue ring displayed around any existing state icon to indicate the hole has wet sides.
  • Backfill required: Hole depth exceeds backfill tolerance
  • Redrill required: Hole depth exceeds redrill tolerance
  • Partially loaded: Hole has at least one deck of explosive product loaded
  • Loading complete: Hole has an explosive product loaded and the Scale Depth of Burial for the highest actual product deck is less than 2.0
  • Stemmed: Hole has an inert product loaded to the collar
  • Note: Hole has a note recorded against it
  • Redrill Of: The hole is redrilled for another hole.
  • Potential Misfire - Hole might be a potential misfire
  • Invalid - Hole is in a conflicting state or an unknown event
  • Abandoned: The hole is marked as abandoned

3. The map can be navigated using pinch, turn and swipe gestures, or via buttons on the right side of the map. The magnifying glass icon allows the user to return the map to its default view state.


4. When a hole is selected from the map, it will take you to the corresponding hole in "List view 2", where QA/QC data or loading data can be captured against a hole.



5. Heat map view can be accessed by pressing the heat map view button mceclip1.png. The temperature ranges and color codes are configurable through the Admin portal.


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