BlastIQ™ Mobile - How to use the hole loading function

Loading against a design

1. Apply loading in SHOTPlus and upload the design to BlastIQ. Note that you will need to include your loading rules in the export if these are needed to reapply on the device in response to changes in hole condition (wet/dry, hole depth, hole ID, diameter, tables, hole type, material type).

2. When a loading design is applied, the list of blast holes in the plan will be displayed on the screen including charging. 


3.  To see the charging design associated with a blast hole and record actual information, click on the charging button within the row corresponding to the blast hole. This will open the charging panel. Blank fields are automatically created to record actual information. On the design side of the panel, you can choose to view the design as either a list view or a diagram. Note that information is only displayed on the design side of the panel when the hole has been designed. This will not be displayed for holes added on the device. 




4. Clicking on the edit icon next to a deck will open the deck edit keypad. Only the product name will be pre-filled as an actual value in this keypad. The product can be changed if required. The top of the deck field and the weight field must be selected separately to either acknowledge that the design value is correct or to edit the value. 



6. If an error is made recording actual information, a deck can be cleared by clicking on the options icon in the list view or the clear button in the keypad on the diagram view. 

Adding a deck against a design

1. A product deck can be added against a design if the conditions of a hole change.

2. To add a deck, click on the add button in the charging panel on either the list or diagram views. A deck will be added in the deck actuals column on the top of the list or diagram. Any product can be selected for each actual deck by selecting a product from the drop-down list. If you navigate away from the screen before entering any actual information in this added deck, it will be removed.



Loading without a design

1. It is not necessary to load against a design when using the device. As long as a design has been started in SHOTPlus and uploaded to the cloud, data can be captured on the bench without a design.

2. Decks can be added against either a hole added on the bench or if a design isn't present by clicking on the add icon next to the charging button. Products can then be selected from the drop-down list in deck actuals.





For further information on the following, please follow the link to the appropriate article:

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