BlastIQ™ Mobile - UG Calculated Density Products


Release Date:
  28th May 2024


Gassing products will display a diagonal line pattern and additional information on the design side of the charging panel.

Currently supported for underground sites only through the use of BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop. Read more here.

As emulsion is initially loaded into a blast hole at its un-gassed density, subsequent gassing reactions cause lateral expansion, altering the distribution and volume of the bulk explosive within the hole (See Figure 1). This process highlights the importance of precisely defining the final collar location of the explosive column in order to optimise energy distribution during blasting operations.

Factors such as hole length, diameter, temperature and conditions contribute to the calculation of the final collar location and density of blast holes. Calculated density is a crucial metric, representing the estimated density of the loaded gassed bulk explosive, determined by hydrostatic pressure. 

BlastIQ™ Mobile streamlines the process by allowing users to enable relevant bulk products (gassed products) as calculated density fields. Using this feature, users can set product parameters in BlastIQ™, the system then computes critical properties depending on the entered parameters, resulting in a clear visualisation of the designed charge. This visualisation depicts the calculated collars and density before and after bulk product gassing, allowing for more informed blast design and execution decisions.


Figure 1. Diagram of un-gassed and gassed products loaded into a blast hole.

BlastIQ™ Configuration

Admin Portal Product Configuration

To ensure the 'Gassing products' are set for calculations in your BlastIQ™ environment navigate to Home > Products and search the bulk product from your sites list of products. From here under the 'Bulk' heading there is a field titled 'Density Mode' which should be set to 'CalculatedUG'   


Figure 2. Set the Density Mode to 'CalculatedUG'.

Site Product Configuration

Select a site, go to the Product menu, and check the 'Enable Calculated Density UG' option.


BlastIQ™ Mobile Design/Actual Hole Diagrams
  • Designed Charges - The deck cards for gassing products show the following information:
    • Product name.
    • Expansion factor (%).
    • Density.
    • Final collar.
    • Un-gassed collar.
    • Charge weight.
  • A diagonal line pattern is visible with the same colour as the product to indicate the column rise, given both the uncharged and final collar values are available.
  • Actual Charges - gassing product do not display any additional information. Only a new gassing product collar icon is being used. Actual un-gassed collar and/or charge lengths, therefore expansion factor is not supported at this stage.

Note: If the Calculated Density UG is disabled at the site product level, or a product is not set as 'CalculatedUG' density mode no changes are visible.

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