BlastIQ™ Mobile - Support Policy


Changes to our support policy

From 18th of June 2024, significant changes will be made to how BlastIQ™ Mobile is supported.  We will support BlastIQ™ Mobile for 90 days after a new version becomes available.

Benefits of utilising minimum support requirements

Establishing minimum support requirements enables more effective prioritisation and utilisation of BlastIQ™ Mobile support and development resources.  It also ensures that users get the best BlastIQ™ Mobile experience and benefit from the BlastIQ™ Mobile releases.

Why is keeping up to date with program updates important?

By keeping up to date with program updates, users will:

  • Gain access to new functionality and features.
  • Benefit from the latest bug fixes.
  • Maintain BlastIQ™ ecosystem compatibility.

What does this mean for users?

There are no changes to the current support.  However, BlastIQ™ support agents will now confirm what version users report issues against this policy.  If an unsupported version is used, the user will be directed to upgrade to the supported version.


What versions are supported?

The latest release notes can be accessed here.


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