BlastIQ™ Mobile - Underground Redrill


Release Date:
28th May 2024


Underground Redrill allows users to add a new hole as a redrill of.Summary.png


Redrill Of
Add Remove
  1. In the drilling data page, tap the "+" button to initiate the process.1.png
  2. After tapping the "+" button, the "Add New Hole" panel will open.2.png
  3. Choose the desired Ring number in the "Add New Hole" panel.
  4. Choose a hole name from the drop-down list.3and4.png
  5. Assign a new and unique name to the hole being added.5.png
  6. The Length and Diameter fields will auto-populate based on the characteristics of the existing hole chosen (step 4). 6.png
  7. Confirm the suggested length and diameter or input the values for the new hole's length and diameter. Press the "OK" when done.7.png
  8. Choose a hole location as either horizontal or vertical.8.png
  9. If you'd like to add specific details or notes, you can use the provided field.
  10. Once all the necessary information has been entered, click the "Save" button to finalise and save.9and10.png
  11. The newly added hole should be displayed in the hole list view, under the correct ring, with a redrill of marker.11.png
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