BlastIQ™ Mobile - How to configure Stem All


Release Date:
14th October 2021


The "Stem All" feature simplifies bulk operations for holes that are fully loaded and ready for stemming. This feature addresses various user needs and operational scenarios, making it a valuable addition to BlastIQ Mobile.

How to Enable and Use the "Stem All" Feature

Follow these steps to enable and use the "Stem All" feature in the BlastIQ Mobile.

  1. Login to the Admin portal and open your site.Configuration1.png
  2. Click the BlastIQ Mobile Configuration menu.
  3. On the BlastIQ Mobile Configuration page, locate and click the "Edit" button.Configuration2.png
  4. Find the "Enable stem all" section in the configuration options and tick the checkbox to enable the "Stem All" feature.
  5. Click "Save".Configuration4and5.png
  6. Launch the BlastIQ Mobile app and choose one of the available plans from the drill plans page.Configuration6.png
  7. Look for the "Stem All" button in the toolbar and tap on the button.Configuration7.png
  8. A confirmation prompt will appear, and click "OK" to proceed with stemming the relevant holes.Configuration8.png
  9. Once the stemming operation is complete, tap either the "x" or " x Close" button.Configuration9.png
  10. After the stemming operation, the "Stem All" button will appear greyed out.Configuration10.png


  • The "Stemming" button will only be enabled when holes are marked as loaded, not measured.
Understanding the "Enable Stem All" Setting

The "Enable Stem All" setting is a vital component of BlastIQ Mobile Configuration, and its behaviour varies depending on whether it's configured at the plant or quarry/site levels via the Admin portal.

Note: Please see this article on How to configure a site that can support multiple customer sites for BlastIQ Mobile using Admin portal

  1. Plant-Level Configuration
    • Activating "Enable Stem All" at the plant level affects all sites within that plant. In other words, it activates the "Stem All" feature for all quarries or sites linked to the plant.
    • If you deactivate "Enable Stem All" at the plant level and activate it at the site level, the site-level setting won't override the plant-level setting. This means that the "Stem All" button will not be visible in the BlastIQ Mobile interface.
    • Configuring "Enable Stem All" at the site level linked to a plant is impossible, as it would affect the login.
  2. Site-Level Configuration
    • When a site isn't linked to a plant, users can control the 'Enable Stem All' feature. When enabled, the 'Stem All' button appears on the mobile app; when disabled, it disappears.
  3. Recommendation
    • It's not advisable to disable "Enable Stem All" at the site level because a site may be accessed directly or through a plant-level setup. It's best to manage this setting at the plant level to ensure consistent behaviour and avoid unexpected issues.
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