BlastIQ™ Mobile - Device time requirements

In order for BlastIQ to correctly report the data collected on devices, correctly synchronise data with the cloud and authenticate users it is critical that the device time on a mobile device, control system or computer is accurate.

Symptoms of device time being incorrect include an infinite loop when trying to log in or data collected on the device being reported at the wrong time in SHOTPlus or BlastIQ.

To correct the date and time, open the Date and Time settings in Windows 10:

A device that is not configured to sychnronise with a time server will experience clock drift and after a period of use start to experience errors with the use of BlastIQ.

After setting the correct time and time zone, ensure that the date and time is always correct by setting Windows 10 to "Set the time automatically".

If you have a device managed by your IT department or on a corporate network it may be configured to use a network time server, ask your IT department for help to ensure that the device is synchronising its time automatically.

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