BlastIQ™ Mobile - How to configure Microsoft Windows Security scanning


Antivirus software interferes with the performance of BlastIQ Mobile. Please follow the below steps to exclude BlastIQ mobile-related folders and processes from Windows Security scans on Windows 10.

1. Open Start menu and search for Windows Security, and Open Windows Security

2. Click Virus & threat protection


3. Click the Manage settings under Virus & threat protection Settings option.


4. Scroll down to "Exclusions," click "Add or remove exclusions" option, and click the "Add an exclusion" button and select the "Folder" option to exclude below folders

  1. Data Folder: "C:\ProgramData\BlastIQ_Local"
  2. Installation Folder: "C:\Program Files\Orica\BlastIQ Mobile"

Click the "Add an exclusion" button and select the "Process" option to add exclusions for below processes.

  1. blastiqmobile.exe
  2. Symbiote.exe



Please feel free to contact BlastIQ Support if you need any further information.


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