BlastIQ™ Mobile - How to configure regional settings

In order for BlastIQ mobile to start correctly on device, it is critical that the device settings are compatible with the BlastIQ System.

A symptom of inconsistent windows settings could be an infinite loop on the main BlastIQ mobile screen.


In order to ensure that your windows settings are compatible with BlastIQ mobile, please follow the steps below as per your Windows version.

Windows 10

To change regional settings,

  • Go to Start > type Control Panel  and press enter
  • Click Clock and Region 


  • Now click on Region


  • Click Additional Settings


  • For Decimal Symbol, enter a dot: .


  • For List Separator, enter a comma: ,


  • Press OK to save the settings.


Windows 7

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Select Region and Language
  3. Click on Formats Tab
  4. Click on Additional Settings
  5. Locate the List separator
  6. Change the Decimal separator from a full stop (.) to a comma (,)
  7. Then click on Apply then Ok
  8. Under the Formats Tab click on Apply then Ok

If it does not work, try rebooting the machine, and test again.

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