BlastIQ™ Mobile - PIN Access


Release Date:
28th September 2023


PIN access enhances user accountability by ensuring accurate logins and improving traceability for actions taken within the application. It is beneficial for maintaining correct records during investigations.


How to roll out PINs

To establish PIN access effectively, follow these steps:

  • PINs are automatically generated by the admin portal. Note that they are generated regardless of the enable PIN setting - this is to allow PINs to be shared with users before enabling the site setting.
  • Contact each operator individually and provide them with their assigned PINs.
  • Ensure that operators fully grasp the significance of maintaining the confidentiality of their PINs. Please encourage them to commit the PIN to memory or store it securely to prevent unauthorised disclosure.
  • Once all operators have received their respective PINs, proceed to enable the "Require pin" feature within the Admin Portal.
Admin Portal Configuration
  1. Click the BlastIQ Mobile Configuration menu.
  2. On the BlastIQ Mobile Configuration page, click the "Edit" button.Admin1.png
  3. By default, the "Require PIN" option is turned off. Enable it by checking the "Require PIN" checkbox and then click "Save."Admin2.png
  4. To view a specific user's PIN, click "Show PIN" next to their username.
  5. Export user PINs by clicking the "Export" button.
  6. Using the "Show/Hide all PINs" feature, you can show or hide all PINs.Admin3.png

Note: BlastIQ™ Mobile enforces PIN usage for all users once the PIN feature is enabled.

BlastIQ™ Mobile
  • If the "Require PIN" setting is disabled:
    • Users can use the application without the need to enter their PIN for authentication.
  • If the "Require PIN" setting is enabled:PIN.png
    • Select your user from the user list.
    • Input your PIN.
      • If the user enters the correct PIN, the system will redirect them to the equipment list screen.
      • If an incorrect PIN is entered three times, users will be forced to wait 20 seconds. Subsequent to this, each incorrect attempt will result in another 20s wait time until a correct PIN is entered

      • Users can clear the last digit of their PIN by pressing the backspace key.
      • Clicking the "Change User" button allows the user to return to the user list screen.
  • In the event of user inactivity:

      • We lock only on idle for 1 hour; we don't lock when the screen switches off or the device sleeps
      • Users must re-enter their PIN or change users and re-login if the device is left idle for more than 1 hour.
      • If users are idle for more than an hour on either the equipment or plan list pages, they will be returned to the login screen.


  • Please note that the PIN feature is only supported in BlastIQ™ Mobile version 1.20.114.

  • When turning the PIN feature on or off via the admin portal, we advise restarting or refreshing the mobile application, as the changes may not take effect immediately.
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