BlastIQ™ Mobile - Delivery Summary


Release Date:
16th December 2021


BlastIQ™ Mobile Delivery Summary provides a comprehensive overview of the designed, actual, and remaining products within a plan. It offers users a convenient way to track products, covering both deviated and non-deviated designs. 

Note: Toggling the 'Deviated from design' will not impact the display of the product counts.

Delivery Summary.png



To view the Delivery Summary:

  1. From the drill plans page, choose a plan you want to view the delivery summary.
  2. Tap on the 'Delivery Summary' icon.Navigation.png
  3. From the measurements page, navigate to the toolbar section and tap the 'Delivery Summary' icon.Navigation3.png
General Section Details

The following information is shown on the Delivery Summary:DeliverySummaryInfo.png


  1. Progress indicator.
  2. Total number of holes.
  3. Holes deviated from design (toggle).
  4. Product summary table.
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