BlastIQ™ Import - Import Collar and/or Toe Coordinates of Fired Blasts from BlastIQ™ Insights


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This article describes how to the import collar and/or toe coordinates of fired blasts, present on BlastIQ™ Insights, into a SHOTPlus™ 6 file.


SHOTPlus™ 6 enables users, that have a BlastIQ™ account, to import the collar and/or toe coordinates of fired blasts present on BlastIQ™ Insights. These points will be imported as 3D Points.


The following are prerequisites to be able to import collar and/or toe coordinates from BlastIQ™ Insights.

    1. User must have a valid BlastIQ™ account.
    2. User must have access to the appropriate site where the blast is stored.
    3. Blast must be in a fired state.


Firing a Blast

In order to import fired collar and/or toe coordinates, the blast must be in a fired state. Blasts can be fired using BlastIQ™ Insights or SHOTPlus™ 6.

Importing Coordinates

To import collar and/or toe coordinates from BlastIQ™ Insights:

    1. Select BlastIQ™Import fired hole positions from the main toolbar.


    1. Select the relevant BlastIQ™ site from the Site dropdown box.
    2. Select to import either:
      • A single plan from the Plan dropdown box.
      • The last n (use-definable) number of plans fired.
      • Plans fired since a user defined date.
      • All fired plans from a site.
    3. Select coordinates to import (Collar coordinate and/or Toe coordinate)
    4. To finish select:
      • Import - to import selected coordinates to the current plan and close the dialog box; or
      • Cancel - to cancel the import and close the dialog box without making changes.


After importing, the coordinates will appear in the current plan as 3D points, in a layer with the same name as the imported blast(s).




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