BlastIQ™ - Exporting and Importing Blast Plans Between SHOTPlus™ and BlastIQ™


SHOTPlus™ Variant:
KBA Summary:
This KBA details the transfer of blast plan information between SHOTPlus™ and BlastIQ™

SHOTPlus™ enables users to export to, and import from, BlastIQ™.

The following information can be exported to BlastIQ™:

  1. Design blasthole locations.
  2. Hole type tolerances.
  3. Charging designs.
  4. Initiation designs.
  5. Loading rules:
    • Charging rules; and
    • Initiation rules.
  6. Blasthole measurements.
  7. Actual loading information.
  8. Drilling information.

The following information can be imported from BlastIQ™:

  1. Actuals, including:
    • Blasthole measurements;
    • Drilling information;
    • Charging information; and
    • Initiation information.
  2. Hole type tolerances.
Import and Export
Settings Export Plan Import Plan

Default import and export settings can be configured in SHOTPlus™ and saved as part of a blast plan or template.

To adjust BlastIQ™ settings in SHOTPLus™:

  1. Select Edit > Blast properties from the main toolbar.


  1. Select  BlastIQ™ options from sidebar the Edit blast properties dialog box.


Import Options Export Options

The following BlastIQ™ Import Options are available:

Import Tolerances:
Imports Hole type tolerances; including re-drill tolerances, backfill tolerances, wet state tolerances, and collar XY tolerances, present in BlastIQ™.
Import Actuals:
Import measurements for holes from BlastIQ™, including drilling QA/QC, drilling information, charging information, and initiation information.
Remove Holes:
Deletes holes that are not present in the BlastIQ™ from the SHOTPlus™ file.
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