Single Sign On using Azure Active Directory

BlastIQ uses individual user accounts to manage secure access to all applications and services. By default every customer user is provisioned a new BlastIQ account created using their email address. Customer users are securely authenticated before using BlastIQ.

To provide a more seamless and secure workflow, a customer may prefer to utilise Single Sign On.

BlastIQ can be configured to use Single Sign On when:

  • The customer uses Azure Active Directory
  • All customer users logging in to BlastIQ have accounts in the customer's Azure Active Directory
  • The customer authorises BlastIQ to authenticate users from their domain against their Azure Active Directory

Some of the benefits include:

  • Enforcing Multi-Factor authentication
  • Automatically removing access to BlastIQ for users that leave the organisation
  • Seamless user experience with no extra passwords to manage

If you are interested in Single Sign On for your domain, please raise a support ticket from this page, additional costs apply.


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