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We welcome feedback from our users of the BlastIQ system and we manage a Feedback site to gather feature requests and general feedback.

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What are the differences between BlastIQ Support and BlastIQ Feedback?

BlastIQ Support offers a ticket-based support service staffed by a team of support engineers and product specialists to assist users who experience problems using or applying the BlastIQ system of products. Submitting a support ticket (via is the best way to report an error you are receiving or get help when using any BlastIQ system features or applications. BlastIQ Feedback is a third-party platform Orica provides users so they can submit suggestions for new features, add their support or ideas to suggestions from other users, and stay informed of updates from the product team about their suggestions. The BlastIQ product development team reviews user feedback collected via BlastIQ Feedback and uses the information to develop more powerful and easier-to-use products, they will add comments and status updates during development to keep users informed of new product features and improvements.


How to submit useful feedback using BlastIQ Feedback

When you provide feedback to Orica requesting features, following the guidelines below will help us best understand and make use of your feedback. Typing the keywords for your submission in the submission title text field will search similar suggestions from other users. If another user has submitted the same or a similar request, upvote theirs and add your own comments rather than submit a duplicate request. The number of votes of support and user engagement for a feature suggestion helps the product team to determine its breadth of applicability and level of support within the user group.

Getting started

  1. Select the product forum that you would like to contribute to
  2. Start typing in the 'Enter your idea' box
  3. If another user has already made the same suggestion, click the suggestion to open it
  4. Add your support by using the Vote button
  5. You can add comments to provide more details about how you would like it to work or how it would add value to your work 
  6. You will be prompted to enter your email address, if you already have a BlastIQ account you can sign in using the Orica logo.

Entering a new idea if another similar suggestion does not already exist

  1. When entering a new idea, use a brief but descriptive title.
  2. Select the most appropriate category in the Category drop-down list. This helps the BlastIQ team to classify, analyze, and respond faster to your submission.
  3. Enter a description of the feature. It helps to tell us your job role (for example, engineer, shotfirer, bench hand, superintendent etc) and what the feature you’re requesting would help you achieve.  (“I work as a [job role], and I would like [feature] so that I can [desired result].”)
  4. Adding some details of your workflow will help to understand your feedback.
  5. If applicable, you can attach an image or a short video to help us understand your feedback better.
  6. You will be prompted to enter your email address, if you already have a BlastIQ account you can sign in using the Orica logo.
Note: Any feedback you share with Orica on our BlastIQ Feedback site is voluntary, displayed publicly, and you give Orica the rights to use your feedback without restrictions.
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