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Note: Before requesting a data extract, please review the information available to BlastIQ users on the BlastIQ API as it is often more extensive than the data provided in user interfaces If you need help to extract data using our API, please raise a support ticket.

To support management of drilling and blasting, the BlastIQ applications provide users with a view of the data that is stored in the BlastIQ system. However, on occasion a customer may wish to request a Customer Data Extract from the BlastIQ system that contains other information that is normally not visible to users.

To request a Customer Data Extract, you must be an authorised customer user for the site you are making the request.

Submit your request via a Support Ticket on this site.

  • State the reason that you are making the request.
  • Provide as much guidance on the type of data you are looking for as possible.


"A flyrock incident that caused equipment damage occurred on Blast S7-0001-OB3 fired on the 10th December 2018 at the Koala Creek mine. We believe this may have occurred due to a design change. Can I please request all records available in BlastIQ for design history for this blast"

You will first be directed to our public interfaces, applications and APIs to retrieve the data. If BlastIQ stores data for the request that is not available on any interfaces (such as logging) it may be provided in an encrypted format and a password sent directly to the requestor.

Orica will review your request and may ask for additional information to narrow your request. Orica will make best efforts to assist you.

As the request is a historical data extract, it is not developed with any particular purpose in mind, and therefore you must independently assess the information provided.  Clause 15 (Warranties) of the Blast IQ terms applies to the data and information provided via this report.

If your request format does not match the above, Orica will make a best effort basis to assist you, but does guarantee that we can fulfill your request.

Your request may not be fulfilled or the data extract may not meet your needs for various reasons, including:

  • Your authorisation to view the information requested
  • Legal requirements (such as privacy laws)
  • The reason provided
  • The availability of the data requested
  • The technical effort required to extract the data
  • The data formats may be difficult for you to work with (we will not format or interpret data on your behalf)
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