BlastIQ™ desktop licencing model - August 2023

Currently, every user that is linked to a licence consumes a seat. This requires site administrators to manually link and unlink users to make seats available.

The update to the BlastIQTM Licencing system will create a link between a desktop application activation and a seat (instead of a user and a seat). Seats will then be consumed by concurrent desktop activations, not the number of users. Seats can be made available when the site administrator releases an activation or when the user self-releases through the desktop application.

Upcoming changes to the admin portal will allow administrators to:

    • Manage seat allocation through activations rather than users, and
    • Link as many users as required to the platform without restriction due to seat availability.

Additional improvements will allow for licences to be issued when inviting users to a site and provide tools to ensure licence compliance.

In order to facilitate this transition, there will be staged changes to the admin portal and some applications which will allow users to self-manage activations. Further communications will be released to address these changes once they are implemented.

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