Timeout error when transferring data to Logger 1 from SHOTPlus

This article is to help understand the time out error when attempting to transfer data from SHOTPlus to Logger 1's. 


When Transferring data from SHOTPlus to Logger 1's and from Logger 1's to SHOTPlus, occasionally you may experience a time out error, and the transfer of data fails. This is due to the USB to Serial (RS232) cable this is often used with more newer PC's.


Orica provide a communication cable with Logger 1's, however, newer PC's no longer have COM ports, so a USB to Serial cable is required. 


Many of the older transfer cables that are being used have a chip installed that is called a Prolific chip (this is the brand of the chip). Windows 7 supported this chip type, and there were very few cases of issues when transferring between SHOTPlus and Logger 1's.


When Windows 10 was released, the Prolific chip was lo longer compatible with the operating system. There were work arounds available online, which required downloading and installing different versions of drivers for the chip, and this worked until recently, an update to Windows 10, seems to have stopped these drivers from working also.


The preferred solution to this is to not need the USB to Serial cable at all, and connect the Logger communication cable directly into a PC or dock if available, but if this is not an option, then you will need to source a USB to Serial cable that utilises a FTDI chip (another brand of chip). Cables that use a FTDI chip work with Windows 10.


There are many online resources available for more information on the differences between FTDI and Prolific chips, and where to purchase cables with FTDI chips.

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